Waiting to Hear Back from the Sacred and Mysterious Literary Agent

So I did it! I jump around the room and I pat myself on the back merrily and soak up the air of self achievement. The fact that you have written a novel and put that last perfectly formed circle at the end of your manuscript is cause to celebrate, sit back and wait for the day when you are sunning like a lizard in your very own vineyard living the good life.

But please refrain for heaven’s sake! Dream big by all means but give yourself a little pinch. While you should still be proud, the hard work is far from over…. I’ve learned this in abundance from the books I’ve written in the past.the-fairytale-scripture-front-cover

My first book, ‘The Fairytale Scripture’ was rejected so many times that I decided to self publish. I sold a grand total of 25 copies. These were mainly bought by friends or family.

I received a dozen responses ranging from:

‘This isn’t right for me.’


‘I have to be convinced that there is room for your work on my list and right now, I just don’t have the time to take a chance…..’

As I sit here, in part nervous frenzy, awaiting the reception of my newest novel the words seem to resound and dance around that last circle on my manuscript. Eventually the pattern makes a big ‘N’ before the last full stop and I’m almost resigned to my fate and status of ‘aspiring writer’.

But all it takes is that one agent who sees the world like you and wants to take a chance on your work, seeing it’s potential.

Here is a very interesting article that has been keeping me going…..

Successful Writers Initially Rejected

‘Writing is a very subjective business’ is usually the way the emails start….

‘I have faith that you will find the right Agent for you….’

A sea of polite no’s.

Over the coming weeks, I will be documenting the responses I receive from the Agents I have submitted to, if any response at all.

If you are in a similar situation, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Check back in the coming weeks for these eagerly anticipated responses.
























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