An Ode To A Fart (Mr. President)

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine recently and they told me about how they quite like Donald Trump because at least he’s an honest fool.

Here is a poem I wrote, as part of my forthcoming book ‘Don’t Swallow the Red Pill’ on the day I woke up to the news of the next President.

Mr. President

Trump. The name of a fart,

Apt. I’m shitting myself.

Donald. The name of a duck with a short temper,

Apt. He makes me angry.

Trump. Cheating at cards,

Apt. I feel cheated.

Donald. Add a Mc and an S and it’s an impersonal way to eat,

Apt. I want to throw up my lunch.

I hope you all enjoy my little play on words. And don’t forget to subscribe!


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