Homemade Cover Design for Books

I’ve been writing my new novel, The Second Evolution Mystery for around a month now. I just hit the magical 10,000 word mark (no mean feat in between work) so surely it’s plain sailing from here right and the thing will start to magically write itself now?

Uh uh. No cigar for me. I have a huge slog ahead of me.

I submitted my last completed novel to 10 literary agents and just a quick update that I only heard back from one of those agents. It was eerily in tune with my post ‘Waiting to Hear Back From the Sacred and Mysterious Literary Agent’.

Today I’ve been taking a break and have been having fun designing hypothetical covers for my range of novels, should I take on the arduous route of the big self publish.

This is the result. My three little babies. Couldn’t you just cry happy tears?

I made all of these covers in a pretty similar way to my recent blog post about making your own avatar. So check it out if you feel the urge to create your very own covers.

This week I’ve been fascinated by the Espresso Print on Demand Machine. It’s a true wonder of technology in my humble opinion. Google it. You won’t be sorry!

I would love to hear from other aspiring writers, so drop me a line if you’re feelin’ extra friendly.


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