New Poem: The Hungry Lioness

This poem is taken from a collection I’m working on called ‘Poems for Dreamers’.

This is part one.

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The lioness pounced,

But then… sort of flounced.

Her prey got away!

It had been a bad day.

She was feeling bemused,

Very tired and used.

Her husband, the king,

Wouldn’t care, she deduced.

As the heat rustled grass,

And trees bent as she passed,

She thought how to explain,

They’d go hungry. Alas:

The burden of hunting was getting her down,

Her sweet, golden faced painted glum with her frown.

She brought up the children,

She found all the food,

But she never got thanks,

And she thought it quite rude!

That night while he slept and the jungle took heed,

She was feeling all bored, disenchanted and peeved.

So the very next day she mused and she planned,

‘The lions aren’t grateful! We must take a stand!’

‘We do all the work. They’re lazy and fat!’

‘But some things must change. I’m an equal big cat!’


They paraded the jungle with pickets and signs,

They were given their warnings, the leopards gave fines,

Lionesses from Africa flocked to the scene,

Declaring things wouldn’t be like they had been.

The lions got hungry… it happened quite fast,

Hunting seemed easy, they’d give it a blast!

But time after time they failed and they cursed,

This hunting was hard, they’d apologise first,

They were too big to stalk, too clumsy to jump.

They came back down to earth with a crash and a bump.

Apologies made by the lions were taken,

They’d do more to help them to bring home the bacon.

They made up a creche, they dusted the grass,

The lioness hoped this new ethic would last.

That night while he slept, she felt a big change,

She felt happy, secure and at peace once again.

If ever she found this behaviour should stumble,

She would cause a big rumble with the force of the jungle.


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