Music to Write to: My Vinyl Collection

Every aspiring author needs something to give them motivation.

This is the driving force for me. My vinyls!

I’ve spent a long time scouring charity shops and car boots for these records.

Some of them are even donated from my parent’s record collection. My dad even has an original White Album and I dare not even touch it with my dirty hands.

So, here are some good places to find records, if you are trying to add to your collection too, without breaking the bank:

  1. Local car boots (50p-£2.00)
  2. Charity Shops (50p – £10.00)
  3. Discogs (best value for used vinyl on the internet)
  4. Music Magpie (best prices for newer vinyl and free delivery.)

Happy hunting. Happy writing. Happy vinyl times!!!










New Poem: The Hungry Lioness

This poem is taken from a collection I’m working on called ‘Poems for Dreamers’.

This is part one.

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The lioness pounced,

But then… sort of flounced.

Her prey got away!

It had been a bad day.

She was feeling bemused,

Very tired and used.

Her husband, the king,

Wouldn’t care, she deduced.

As the heat rustled grass,

And trees bent as she passed,

She thought how to explain,

They’d go hungry. Alas:

The burden of hunting was getting her down,

Her sweet, golden faced painted glum with her frown.

She brought up the children,

She found all the food,

But she never got thanks,

And she thought it quite rude!

That night while he slept and the jungle took heed,

She was feeling all bored, disenchanted and peeved.

So the very next day she mused and she planned,

‘The lions aren’t grateful! We must take a stand!’

‘We do all the work. They’re lazy and fat!’

‘But some things must change. I’m an equal big cat!’


They paraded the jungle with pickets and signs,

They were given their warnings, the leopards gave fines,

Lionesses from Africa flocked to the scene,

Declaring things wouldn’t be like they had been.

The lions got hungry… it happened quite fast,

Hunting seemed easy, they’d give it a blast!

But time after time they failed and they cursed,

This hunting was hard, they’d apologise first,

They were too big to stalk, too clumsy to jump.

They came back down to earth with a crash and a bump.

Apologies made by the lions were taken,

They’d do more to help them to bring home the bacon.

They made up a creche, they dusted the grass,

The lioness hoped this new ethic would last.

That night while he slept, she felt a big change,

She felt happy, secure and at peace once again.

If ever she found this behaviour should stumble,

She would cause a big rumble with the force of the jungle.

An Ode To A Fart (Mr. President)

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine recently and they told me about how they quite like Donald Trump because at least he’s an honest fool.

Here is a poem I wrote, as part of my forthcoming book ‘Don’t Swallow the Red Pill’ on the day I woke up to the news of the next President.

Mr. President

Trump. The name of a fart,

Apt. I’m shitting myself.

Donald. The name of a duck with a short temper,

Apt. He makes me angry.

Trump. Cheating at cards,

Apt. I feel cheated.

Donald. Add a Mc and an S and it’s an impersonal way to eat,

Apt. I want to throw up my lunch.

I hope you all enjoy my little play on words. And don’t forget to subscribe!

Homemade Cover Design for Books

I’ve been writing my new novel, The Second Evolution Mystery for around a month now. I just hit the magical 10,000 word mark (no mean feat in between work) so surely it’s plain sailing from here right and the thing will start to magically write itself now?

Uh uh. No cigar for me. I have a huge slog ahead of me.

I submitted my last completed novel to 10 literary agents and just a quick update that I only heard back from one of those agents. It was eerily in tune with my post ‘Waiting to Hear Back From the Sacred and Mysterious Literary Agent’.

Today I’ve been taking a break and have been having fun designing hypothetical covers for my range of novels, should I take on the arduous route of the big self publish.

This is the result. My three little babies. Couldn’t you just cry happy tears?

I made all of these covers in a pretty similar way to my recent blog post about making your own avatar. So check it out if you feel the urge to create your very own covers.

This week I’ve been fascinated by the Espresso Print on Demand Machine. It’s a true wonder of technology in my humble opinion. Google it. You won’t be sorry!

I would love to hear from other aspiring writers, so drop me a line if you’re feelin’ extra friendly.

Waiting to Hear Back from the Sacred and Mysterious Literary Agent

So I did it! I jump around the room and I pat myself on the back merrily and soak up the air of self achievement. The fact that you have written a novel and put that last perfectly formed circle at the end of your manuscript is cause to celebrate, sit back and wait for the day when you are sunning like a lizard in your very own vineyard living the good life.

But please refrain for heaven’s sake! Dream big by all means but give yourself a little pinch. While you should still be proud, the hard work is far from over…. I’ve learned this in abundance from the books I’ve written in the past.the-fairytale-scripture-front-cover

My first book, ‘The Fairytale Scripture’ was rejected so many times that I decided to self publish. I sold a grand total of 25 copies. These were mainly bought by friends or family.

I received a dozen responses ranging from:

‘This isn’t right for me.’


‘I have to be convinced that there is room for your work on my list and right now, I just don’t have the time to take a chance…..’

As I sit here, in part nervous frenzy, awaiting the reception of my newest novel the words seem to resound and dance around that last circle on my manuscript. Eventually the pattern makes a big ‘N’ before the last full stop and I’m almost resigned to my fate and status of ‘aspiring writer’.

But all it takes is that one agent who sees the world like you and wants to take a chance on your work, seeing it’s potential.

Here is a very interesting article that has been keeping me going…..

Successful Writers Initially Rejected

‘Writing is a very subjective business’ is usually the way the emails start….

‘I have faith that you will find the right Agent for you….’

A sea of polite no’s.

Over the coming weeks, I will be documenting the responses I receive from the Agents I have submitted to, if any response at all.

If you are in a similar situation, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Check back in the coming weeks for these eagerly anticipated responses.























New Poem: New Found Teen Angst

Living with parents you save lots of money,

You eat all their food and they don’t find it funny!

You mess up, come home late and play things too loudly,

To say you’re annoying is putting it mildly.

You regress to an angst ridden, teenage like state,

Then you count down the days till your moving out date,

But they’re patient and calm and dispense life advice,

Till you see that the set up you have is quite nice.

Before I move out, I’ll ensure no distraction,

That my funds aren’t depleted to only a fraction,

First I’ll pay my own way and do ironing and cleaning,

Till I get my own place to partake in more dreaming!


How to Design Your Own Personalised Cartoon Avatar Illustration With Stencil Tools Using Art Range

Cartooning yourself has never been so easy!

All you need to do this is a picture of the person you want to turn into a cartoon on file and Art Range installed on your computer.

Here is the original image I started with…..


First you need to open up Art Range and give yourself some time.



Using the trace option (circled to the right) import the picture you want to use.


Using the rulers and shaped stencils available in the circled stencil option, begin to colour in the original  picture. Add in the final details once you have got the basic figure coloured in.

Tip: If you right click on a shape you have the option to ‘invert’ the stencil. You can then use the tool highlighted in the above image in green in the bottom left corner to fill the area after you pick your colour in the right hand bottom corner.


Using the rubber tool you can make your background transparent. Ensure you do this with all of the layers you have created and make sure your stencil is in place before you start rubbing out. Then you can crop your image to size using the dotted square tool and then choosing ‘edit’ and ‘crop to selection’ whilst the chosen area is selected.


And there you have it! Your very own illustrated, cartoon portrait!!!

If you give it a go, I’d love to see the results.

Happy drawing 🙂